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    How LinkedIn Futureproofs with Flexible Workplaces

    It’s no big statement that the things people need to be successful at work change over time. But today, workers’...

    How Corporate Real Estate Leaders Can Alleviate Workplace Stress

    Stress is not just costing employers billions in lost productivity. It’s also killing us. 

    How Digital Tools and Data are Driving the Microsoft Campus Transformation

    When creating the plans for the redevelopment of its iconic Redmond Campus in Puget Sound, Microsoft knew it was...

    Rethinking the Open Office

    Since the first workspace was created hundreds of years ago, companies, and those who run them, have worked to...

    Inaugural WorkSpaces Brings Top Companies Together to Explore the Future of Work

    In the very near future, video conferencing will be so good that people will no longer have to commute to work. 

    How Do You Modernize Aging Facilities?

    Instant transportation triggered with a thumb tap; upscale shopping experiences in sleek showroom stores; voice...

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